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Do you have unanswered questions about Judaism, sexuality and intimacy?

Do you want your children to get a better sex education than you received, but lack the language or tools to provide it?

Do you want to improve and enhance  intimacy in your marriage, but aren’t sure how to go about it?

Do you wonder about how Judaism views various aspects of sexuality?

Do you have questions or issues that  you would like to address – either in Jewish law or regarding sexuality – but there is no one you feel comfortable asking?

Our monthly podcast, INTIMATE JUDAISM, addresses intimacy and healthy sexuality in the context of Jewish family life. We raise conflicts and challenges and offer candid solutions while remaining firmly within the bounds of Torah and Halacha.

You will:

  • Learn how to provide your children with healthy perspectives that acknowledge both Halacha and their natural sexual development
  • Discover how Judaism encourages sexual expression between you and your spouse
  • Find out how to create and enhance emotional and physical intimacy in your marriage
  • Explore how the laws of Taharat Hamishpacha – family purity – can impact intimacy and sexuality, and how to address this in your marriage
  • Understand how lifecycle events such as pregnancy, postpartum, menopause or chronic illness can affect marital intimacy and sex
  • Learn how to deal with difficult situations in marriage such as pornography and infidelity

Jul 26, 2021

The Netflix reality show, My Unorthodox Life, has been the talk of much of the Orthodox world since it was released less than two weeks ago. It tells the story of Julia Haart, who first developed a shoe line, and quickly rose in the world of fashion. She now is the the CEO and co-owner of Elite World Group, the world’s largest modeling network.

As most of you probably know, the reason that her story is different from others is that Julia was an Orthodox Jew named Talia Hendler living in Monsey. She had once been a passionate teacher of Torah in an Orthodox high school in Atlanta. About eight years ago, she left her husband and Orthodoxy itself, just days after her daughter’s wedding. Her astounding rise took place entirely in the past eight years.

Orthodox Jews have had varied reactions to the series, from complete rejection of Julia’s honesty and experience, to countering her story of oppression with stories of loving being Orthodox under the hashtag #Myorthodoxlife, to accepting and celebrating Julia’s journey.

In this bonus Intimate Judaism episode (co-produced with the Orthodox Conundrum), Rabbi Scott Kahn and Talli Rosenbaum are joined by Anne Gordon and Shoshanna Keast-Jaskoll for a panel discussion about My Unorthodox Life. Hear their reactions to the series - including what they feel about Julia's relationships with her family, whether men have a right to discuss Julia's story, the implications of her story for Orthodoxy, and more.

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